KRED Legal is an independent, not-for- profit law firm. We were founded in 2014 by eight Traditional Owner groups who wanted to continue their journey towards becoming part of the Australian economy by creating their own law firm.

The sole shareholder is KRED Enterprises Charitable Trust. KRED Legal is based in Broome but we also have an office Sydney. We pride ourselves in employing Indigenous staff. Our focus has been looking after country for the generations to come.

KRED Legal provides high quality legal services and we specialise in utilising our legal skills to strategically address our clients’ needs to reach the best possible outcome. 


Our founding director

Wayne Bergmann is the founding Director of KRED Legal and the CEO of KRED Enterprises

Wayne Bergmann is recognised as one of Australia’s leading advocates for Indigenous self-determination through economic empowerment and opportunity. 

A proud Nyikina man, boilermaker-welder and former lawyer, Bergmann has served as Executive Director of the Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre (KALACC), CEO of the Kimberley Land Council (KLC), Managing Director of Aboriginal Maritime Pty Ltd (AML), Chairperson of Walalakoo Aboriginal Corporation and CEO of KRED Enterprises, an Aboriginal charitable foundation.

In his role as CEO of KRED Enterprises, Bergmann is driving social change in the Kimberley by creating employment and training opportunities that affirm Aboriginal cultural and social values. KRED is currently spearheading the Kimberley Aboriginal Pastoral Co-op, a project that could have implications for business development across northern Australia. His vision is for long-term economic independence for Aboriginal people. 

In his previous role as CEO of the KLC, one of the largest organisations dealing with Aboriginal land rights and resource issues in Australia, he proved his commitment to securing the rights and interests of Kimberley Traditional Owners through the native title system by negotiating native title impact benefit agreements. Bergmann was also responsible for implementing land and sea management activities across the region, including the Kimberley Ranger Network which employs over 80 full-time rangers.

Bergmann has been advocating for Indigenous rights and self-determination in the Kimberley for more than 24 years.

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