The work of the Ambooriny Burru Foundation is directed by the priorities of our members, the Traditional Owners in the Kimberley. These priorities include education, economic development, traditional law and culture and land management. Our members are made up of the following Native Title claim groups: Bardi Jawi, Karajarri, Ngurrara, Nyikina Mangala, Tjurabalan, Jaru, Yi-martuwarra Ngurrara and Koongie-Elvire. By standing together we are strong. 

The Ambooriny Burru Foundation was established in December 2010 as the overriding social and economic development foundation in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. 

Originally an initiative of the Kimberley Land Council, its development was initiated by our old people, the Kimberley elders, who wanted an organisation that would be owned and directed by Aboriginal people and work exclusively in our interests. We act only on the prior and informed consent of our members.

Aboriginal people in the Kimberley are ready to be part of the benefits of economic development as active participants. For us, prosperity must be about three things: economy, people and culture, and country. Through all our work we strive to maintain a strong cultural match and we create economic opportunities that affirm Aboriginal cultural and social values. We understand the importance of sticking together, looking after each other and standing up for each other. 

Ambooriny Burru is responsible for social distribution and KRED Enterprises is responsible for income generation for the foundation.