KRED welcomes new chairman

KRED Enterprises, a charitable trust committed to Aboriginal economic development, is proud to introduce its new chairman, Peter Murray.

Mr Murray is a Ngurrara Traditional Owner from the Great Sandy Desert and he brings to the role a wealth of experience, from enterprise development, to a deep understanding of the importance of cultural and heritage protection.  

Mr Murray says he’s thrilled at the opportunity to help grow and shape the vision for KRED Enterprises.

“KRED’s great strength lies in the fact that we—Traditional Owners—are standing together in a cultural block and making our own decisions about what happens on our traditional lands. With KRED’s work now directed by eight native title groups in the Kimberley, we represent people from the desert, through the river country and to the sea. By standing together, we are strong.

“KRED’s former chairman, Anthony Watson, did a wonderful job. He worked tirelessly, had a profound social conscience and I know he’ll be missed. I’m honoured and proud to be taking his place, and I look forward to engaging and listening to Traditional Owners to ensure that we continue to get the best outcomes for our mob,” Mr Murray says.

Currently, Mr Murray is the Chief Operations Officer of Yanunijarra Aboriginal Corporation, but in previous roles, he’s established the Kimberley Land Council’s Ngurrara ranger program, worked as the Ngurrara Indigenous Protected Area manager and served with the Western Australia Police.

Outgoing chairman Anthony Watson, who has been with KRED Enterprises since its establishment four years ago, has now resigned to take on a position as Chairman of the Kimberley Land Council.

“I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to serve our members and confident KRED will continue to negotiate strong agreements between resource companies and Traditional Owners. I’m also confident KRED will continue to grow its sharing bucket to be used for social support and community benefits for all our members,” Mr Watson says.