Give it all you got!

From the moment they hit the stage, guitars straps slung over shoulders, twelve year-old Adi and fifteen year-old Jada communicate without words. It’s incredible to watch—this subtle movement of hands and eyes, a chord here, a note there.

“We give each other secret signals, play a little bit and then we know where to start,” Jada says.

The Broome-based sisters have their own band ‘Jadadi’ and with the support of an Ambooriny Burru Nipper Tabagee Scholarship they were able to travel to the Tamworth Country Music Festival earlier this year.

In Tamworth they played back-to-back gigs, brushing shoulders and even breakfasting with country music heavyweights like Troy Cassar-Daley and Casey Chambers.

Pumped up on energy drinks, they played on stages and busked on the street. “When we were busking, a lot of people gathered around and afterwards, the crowd took photos with us and we got to sign autographs,” Jada says.

The stack of cds they took to the festival sold out within days.

“We were supposed to save some for our family back here, but people kept buying them!” Jada says.

It’s easy to understand why. The girls complement each other, blending seamless harmonies as they sing about fishing, about love, about home.

“Sometimes we do get nervous before we start playing,” Adi admits, “but we’re grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Tamworth and build our confidence.”

Jada agrees, saying the Nipper Tabagee Scholarship really gave the girls the lift they needed.

“It made it possible for us to play at the festival and to give us exposure at this national level.”

The Nipper Tabagee Scholarship is designed to help end the disparity in employment outcomes between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

By encouraging our young people to pursue and achieve their goals in the short-term, we’re also securing their long-term economic and social engagement.

We believe supporting the aspirations of our people will prove to be one of our greatest investments.

When asked what advice they’d give other aspiring musicians Jadadi says, “Give it all you got! Make yourself heard. Because there’s people out there that can help you.”

For more information on the Nipper Tabagee Scholarship contact KRED Enterprises on 91 92 8782.