KRED donates to keep children’s bellies full

Cooking for 3 kids is generally okay—you might even have a bit left over for lunch the next day. Cooking for 13 kids is starting to get tricky—will you have enough for everyone? Now imagine what it must be like cooking for 300 kids …

Broome-based organisation Feed the Little Children are doing just this. In the space of only two years they’ve gone from preparing 15-20 meals a week, to preparing 300 meals twice a week for children and young people who’d otherwise be going hungry.

The motivation behind Feed the Little Children’s work is that if children have a full belly, they’re less likely to commit crime. Feed the Little Children’s CEO Clint Durham says there’s evidence to suggest many young delinquents commit their first crime because they’re hungry.

“If you don’t have food or glucose then you don’t think properly. You get cranky and you do silly things. Although the program hasn’t been running for long—and although I might be a bit biased— I’ve definitely seen a change in a number of families I’ve been to. The kids look healthier, mum’s not as stressed out and the increased levels of nutrition will help the kids fight things like ear, nose and throat infections,” Mr Durham says.

KRED Enterprises understands that our young people can’t reach their full potential on an empty belly. Our young people have no chance of going on to further study at university, or of becoming active and engaged participants in our communities and economy, if they’re too hungry to pay attention at primary and high school.

We also understand that breaking cycles of poverty and neglect is a community effort—not just one that should be left to the police, or to the schools. It’s about standing together and working together, because collectively we’re more powerful, collectively we have the ability to create real and positive change.

This morning, KRED Enterprises handed over a cheque for $1,580, making good on our promise to match dollar for dollar donations received by Anthony Watson for the OzHarvest/Qantas CEO Cookoff back in March.

Anthony Watson, as Chairperson of KRED and Chairperson and founder of the Yirriman Project, is adamant that community organisations like Feed the Little Children receive continued community, government and corporate support to ensure their longevity.

“We see programs come and then disappear when the funding is cut. We would like to see more community-run organisations, tailored particularly to our community needs, receive the support they need to keep helping our young people.”

It’s an issue close to Anthony’s heart, particularly with the future of the Yirriman Project uncertain. Although the men’s program will continue in 2015, funding for the women’s program is yet to be secured.

If you would like to find out more information, either about KRED’s support for Feed the Little Children through the OzHarvest/Qantas CEO Cookoff, or would like to speak with Anthony about the Yiriman Project, please call KRED Enterprises on 91928782.