KRED breaking it down for FASD awareness

A couple of weeks ago on the beaches and basketball courts of Broome, local kids were back flipping, hip-swinging and breaking it down. Indigenous Hip Hop Projects were behind the shenanigans, choreographing and filming a clip about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

The project was initiated by Josie Farrer, Member for the Kimberley, as a means of raising awareness among young people of the dangers of drinking while pregnant. Not only did the young people involved learn this message, they were also able to share it with their peers and the local community in a creative and fun way.

KRED Enterprises stepped up as a major sponsor of the project. In addition to seeking economic development opportunities for Aboriginal people, we’re also committed to social development. Through the Ambooriny Burru Foundation, we provide scholarships to aspiring Indigenous athletes, scholars and musicians and we also proudly offer support to tackle social issues that affect all Aboriginal people—including FASD, suicide and homelessness.

 Given the shameful statistics around FASD—Aboriginal children a hundred times more likely to affected than non-Aboriginal children—KRED Enterprises deemed this a worthy project to contribute to. And Indigenous Hip Hop Projects are excellent at what they do! To check out the clip, which stars students from St Mary’s College in Broome, follow the link:

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