Minister Lauds our Leader

In Perth on Friday, the WA Minister for Water Mia Davies praised Wayne Bergmann’s Aboriginal pastoral vision and offered her full support. The Minister delivered the speech at the CEDA event ‘National Agriculture Series Leadership in agriculture: Seizing the Opportunity.’ Here’s an excerpt:

‘Wayne Bergmann and his team … are setting up a framework for mosaic irrigation along the Fitzroy River to help Aboriginal stations lift their combined herd from its current 25,000 head, to 100,000. While beef is a primary target, they are also interested in land tenure changes that broaden the economic base of their stations and allow the creation of irrigation precincts for high value food crops for export.’

‘Half of all Kimberley Pastoral Stations are now in Aboriginal hands, with many of them strategically placed along the Fitzroy River and its tributaries. There is an opportunity of a lifetime to engage with Aboriginal pastoralists, traditional owners and Indigenous leaders like Wayne to negotiate partnerships and pathways to lift productivity in the Kimberley,’ the Minister said.

Pictured above – there’s not only cattle on our Kimberley stations but also herds of haughty camels. For more photos of the pastoral project check out our Instagram account: