KRED launches Australia's first legal company owned exclusively by native title groups

KRED Enterprises, the Broome-based charitable trust committed to Aboriginal economic development, is proud to launch KRED Legal, the first incorporated legal practice in Australia owned solely by native title groups.

KRED Legal has employed a team of 5 lawyers who will focus on native title law, contract law and commercial agreements.

KRED Legal Director, Wayne Bergmann, who is also the CEO of KRED Enterprises, says there was an urgent need to establish an Australia-wide Aboriginal-owned legal entity.

“Across Australia, we’re seeing intense pressure on Traditional Owners from proponents and companies wishing to access, explore or develop on our traditional Country. KRED Legal makes sure we have both a spear and a shield. We seek to ensure that any development on Country can only proceed when the highest environmental and cultural standards are in place. We have a team of lawyers who are raising the bar, who are working creatively and flexibly within Australian law to ensure the best outcomes for our mob,” Mr Bergmann says.

KRED Legal chooses to exclusively represent Traditional Owners, Prescribed Body Corporates, native title groups or Aboriginal-owned companies. 

“We encourage companies and developers to engage and negotiate directly with the authorised representatives nominated by native title groups. The companies that do engage directly with these representatives are reaching positive outcomes that benefit both parties. This generally creates better efficiency in decision-making. Aboriginal people need to be factored in to development, not simply seen as a hindrance,” Mr Bergmann says. 

KRED Legal knows prosperity is about three things: economy, people and culture, and Country. Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of the Western legal system and also a deep respect and understanding of Aboriginal culture. They have locked in a number of co-existence and heritage protection agreements with major companies operating in the Kimberley’s Canning Basin. These agreements are some of the strongest of their kind in Australia.

Chief Operations Officer of Yanunijarra Aboriginal Corporation and Director of KRED Enterprises Pty Limited, Peter Murray, says, “Country is everything to us. Control over country, our land, is so important to our health and spiritual well being. We’re confident KRED Legal are negotiating strong terms that protect our Country and provide a future for Aboriginal people in communities.”

KRED Legal is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ambooriny Burru Foundation Group, which is owned by eight native title groups in the Kimberley: Bardi Jawi, Nyikina Mangala, Tjurabalan, Ngurrara, Yi-martuwarra Ngurrara, Jaru, Karajarri and Koongie-Elvire.

For more information, please contact KRED’s Media and Communications Officer, Madelaine Dickie, on (08) 91 928782, 0488 771 411 or