Aboriginal leader supports marriage equality

Over the last few weeks there's been the familiar clamour of hope and agitation as the issue of gay marriage once again makes headlines. 

KRED Enterprise's CEO Wayne Bergmann has entered the debate, not speaking for all Aboriginal people, but rather calling all Aboriginal people to speak up for what is right. 

He says, "I am proud to support marriage equality. Our culture treats people with respect. We look after each other as family. We have had support for Indigenous rights from gay and lesbian people in the past and now it's time to offer our support. People don't choose to be gay or straight. But we can choose to act with dignity and speak up for what is right."

The comments were prompted after a delegation of indigenous leaders presented a bark petition to the Abbott government to voice their opposition to same-sex marriage. The leaders were backed by various evangelical Christian groups. 

Bergmann believes the elders who signed the bark petition were 'out of touch with reality' and being 'led like sheep with the wool pulled over their eyes.'

He urges that people remember our recent history. In 1957, an Aboriginal woman from the Northern Territory was denied permission to marry her white fiancé. Gay and lesbian Australians are denied the same freedom to marry the partner of their choice today. 

"This is an issue of equality above the law," Mr Bergmann says. 

If you have a subscription to The Australian, you can read more of the story at: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/same-sex-wayne-bergmann-says-aboriginals-should-back-marriage-equality/story-fn59niix-1227489586155