Meet Nipper Tabagee Scholarship Recipient Amarah Treacy!

“It’s vital that we, as a community, work in collaboration with the elders and youth, listening and learning from each other, to make a difference and eliminate suicide amongst our people.”
--Nipper Tabagee Scholarship recipient Amarah Treacy, pictured top right. 

KRED Enterprises awarded Amarah Treacy a Nipper Tabagee Scholarship to attend and present at the World Indigenous Suicide Prevention conference and the World Youth Summit in New Zealand in June. She was representing the Kimberley Aboriginal Youth Leaders Committee, and presenting on the Kimberley Aboriginal Youth Leadership Program, which aims to promote Indigenous youth participation in decision-making, civic engagement and community responsibility.

Amarah says both conference and summit were deeply moving.  

“I was sad to see how many people all over the world are committing suicide and all those affected by it. But it was also inspiring to see how other countries are working together in their respective communities in the fight against suicide.”

Amarah’s no stranger to some of the most difficult issues afflicting our mob. In addition to sitting on the Kimberley Aboriginal Youth Leaders Committee, she’s also a co-ordinator of the Deadly Sista Girlz Program. Based in Broome, the program aims to engage, inspire and empower young Indigenous women to make informed decisions in order to leave healthy positive lifestyles and to become role models in their families, schools, and communities.

We’re proud to offer our Nipper Tabagee Scholarships to exceptional young Indigenous people in our community. When KRED talked to Amarah, she too, was super grateful!

“I would like to thank KRED. I appreciate their support. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to attend the conference.”