Smile, have fun and live the dream!

KRED Enterprises has been proud to support the Specky Dreaming Program, a project based around teaching young people the skills and fundamentals of football.

It involves a strong hands-on football focus, as well as a broader social focus, aiming high to inspire and encourage youth to make positive decisions, reflect on personal values and principles, and achieve healthy personal goals in life.

Students at Looma and Fitzroy Crossing had the opportunity to meet a hero of the Australian Football League, Bradley Dick. Bradley, a former AFL player, was part of the project as a guest speaker and a role model for the young community. He spoke about the strength needed to move away from family and country, and about the difficulties of living in two worlds.

Some of the activities the students were involved with, included a bin-kicking challenge, an agility circuit, goal kicking, and a weight and strength circuit on and off the field.

Confidence and self-esteem were boosted and students could rub off the “shame” attitude, asking questions about what it would take to fulfil their dreams and aspirations. It was an enjoyment for all kids involved, and this sort of participation is the first step toward helping kids engage in competitive sport. The program also promoted good nutrition, fitness and mental health—a winning combination for a good lifestyle!

The Specky dreaming Program would like to thank KRED for their support in awarding a Nipper Tabagee Scholarship so the program could happen.