Update on the Kimberley Agriculture and Pastoral Company

Kimberley Agriculture and Pastoral Company

Excerpt from our 2016 / 2017 Ambooriny Burru Annual Members' Report  

The Kimberley Agriculture and Pastoral Company was established in 2015 by KRED Enterprises as a fully Indigenous-owned pastoral venture. KAPCO is not owned by KRED Enterprises, but it is one of our key projects. It currently comprises of three Indigenous-owned pastoral stations, Mt Anderson, Frazier Downs and Bohemia Downs, and is soon set to grow bigger, with the Indigenous Land Corporation in the process of divesting Myroodah and Lulugui to KAPCO. By standing together, under a single management structure, all stations are able to take advantage of the economies of scale offered from an integrated pastoral enterprise. KAPCO is already delivering results. Over the last sixteen months a pool of 42 casual staff have worked across all three stations. In addition to generating jobs and training, we're also exploring ways that one of the KAPCO stations could be used as a site to develop a Kimberley youth diversionary and preventative program. Its working title is 'The Marlamanu Project', and it will provide an alternative to current mainstream youth justice programs. KRED has also been investigating opportunities for further investment in the company.