KRED takes on young Indigenous trainee

Kiki D'Anna

Kianee (Kiki) D’Anna developed a taste for the wheeling and dealing of the KRED offices while she was still a student in year 12.

Although she attended school in Wyndham, she spent her school holidays in Broome, working casually at KRED as an Administration Officer.

KRED was so impressed with her skills she was offered a traineeship with the organisation and given the impressive job title: Junior Personal Assistant to the General Counsel of the Ambooriny Burru Group of Companies (KRED).

“It’s been a good opportunity, more than what most year 12 students would probably get,” Kianee says.

Since she started full-time she’s been busy filing, penning the minutes of meetings and learning about time billing. As if this weren’t enough, she’s on a mission to learn even more.

“My computer skills are good—but not as good as I’d like them to be. That’s what I’m hoping to work on in the coming months.”

Kianee will also be building her skills at the Kimberley Training Institute one day a week, where she is studying Business Administration.

Merrilee Powers, KRED’s Operations and Logistics Manager, has been appointed as Kianee’s in-office mentor.

She recognises the importance of creating economic opportunities for local Indigenous young people.

“Kianee is a young Indigenous woman of the Kimberley. We understand it’s important to invest in both the personal and professional growth of our mob,” Merrilee says.

KRED Enterprises is dedicated to building and sustaining independent Aboriginal economic development.