KRED concerned Buru’s drilling given ‘green’ light

KRED Enterprises is concerned by reports that Buru Energy need not undergo a formal environmental assessment for its proposed drilling activities in the Canning Basin.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) wrote to Buru Energy stating that drilling is ‘unlikely to have a significant effect on the environment.’

This means the company is a step closer to fracking for shale gas.

KRED Enterprise’s CEO Wayne Bergmann says the decision has been made rashly and without consideration of the cumulative effect Buru’s activities will have on the whole life of the Canning Basin.

“This is not about one or two holes. This is about substantive exploration over a massive land area. Tests or drilling at this stage have to be scrutinised to meet the highest environmental standards. This is because these tests will form the baseline data for all other activities,” Mr Bergmann says.

The EPA stated the WA Department of Mines and Petroleum and the Department of Water would mitigate any potential impacts of Buru’s exploration work.

You can read the full report in the news article ‘Buru Closer to Kimberley Drill’ by Andrew Burrell in the The Australian newspaper online.