KRED runs media workshops for kids in the Great Sandy Desert

In early May, KRED Enterprises and the Kimberley Land Council media crews teamed up to run joint media workshops at the Ngurrara Cultural Camp at Kurlku. We travelled three hours into the Great Sandy Desert to work with students from Yakanarra Community School, Fitzroy Crossing District High, Wulungarra Community School and Djugerari Remote Community School. When the kids weren’t making spears and boomerangs, painting, dying their hair, or sampling traditional foods, they were with us participating in media workshops. We looked first at the principles of photography—the rule of thirds, composition, the aesthetic appeal of patterns—and then it was hands on. Students packaged, shot, did voiceovers and produced short video postcards, which were projected onto a big screen under the stars. We’ve posted some of the videos here, and some photos of the camp for you to have a look at. This is part of the wrap-around media service KRED offers to PBCs. For full details about the camp, you can check out the Yanunijarra website