Secondee shapes future for community stores

KRED Enterprises had a secondee on board from the SunCorp Group. Charlene Goh is a senior manager of four years in strategic development in the company’s risk area.

Charlene came to KRED Enterprises to undertake a strategic planning project to help progress the Aboriginal community stores initiative. The idea behind the initiative is to give the stores access to modern facilities, and communities access to fresh, affordable food. It will provide many community benefits, including employment, new skills, improved community infrastructure and greater convenience.

Charlene says she was interested in returning to the Kimberley to contribute to a region she had really enjoyed on past visits.

“I am interested in understanding more about Aboriginal culture, history, the way of life and also about getting a better appreciation of the current situation and challenges faced by Aboriginals in Australia,” says Charlene.

“KRED Enterprises is different to other Aboriginal organisations and does not received regular government funding to operate. KRED has a lot of potential, good expertise, and the right relationships, to successfully execute the plan. This would be a very exciting project for remote communities in the Kimberley, Western Australia.”

Inspired by the Indigenous leaders, elders, Traditional Owners and other Indigenous people, the journey has been truly a unique and an amazing experience. Charlene says she has learnt so much, in such a short time, and that the experience has given her a different perspective on life.

“I hope to return soon”, says Charlene.